I'm Vee, a London living, wife and mum of 4. In terms of my writing heart is for women and young girls. I had a force ripened start in life and made a huge amount of mistakes that I hope by speaking about will in some way help the girlies out there as they navigate this thing called life and now I'm a wife and mum (after battling endometriosis) I have empathy and much to write about for the busy mum, burnt out wife and those longing for a child. At the centre of it all is my relationship with Jesus. He's the reason why I sing and get through everyday. So I hope you enjoy what you see and read if so come and join me on this journey talking motherhood, marriage, faith, lifestyle and so much more. Much love V ....

Be kind to you!

I know you’ve heard it a million times but be kind to yourself. Kind as in, how you treat others but somehow often don’t afford yourself the same grace. It makes me so sad when I hear women criticising themselves, speaking negatively and generally not cutting themselves any slack. Choosing to focus more on what […]



Dear life, sorry for over stimulating you, over exposing you, overwhelming you. Sorry for pressing you with desires both weighty and oppressive. Sorry for not always listening to your subtle requests for peace, clarity and silence. Today I make a commitment to you to slow down, rest in my moment, listen and wait. I reopen […]