Funny how we’re judged so much on things. Race, size, marital status, gender, religion, career, good teeth, kids, no kids, level of education.. oh the list could go on. I have felt intimidated in the past in any setting where I haven’t measured up. That was until I realised that none of those things defined me.

I am STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS but here’s what I’ve learnt.

I am a woman, fashioned with such detail it mystifies the greatest mind. The workings of my personality and gifts are unique to me and when in-sync have the power to unlock doors of opportunity and leave a footprint no other can fill. I have no physical flaws because there is no blueprint of perfection I (should 😔) subscribe to.

My mistakes are not mistakes at all. If I’ve grown from them and emerged stronger then what an amazing exercise! My past is a huge mountain I conquered and survived. I revisit it only to give myself a pat on the back for making it through.

There’s more I could say but I’ll stop here for now. So yes if we refuse to allow societal measures to box us and we instead tap into how utterly amazing we are, we should be just fine. *and exhale* ❤️

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