Be kind to you!

I know you’ve heard it a million times but be kind to yourself. Kind as in, how you treat others but somehow often don’t afford yourself the same grace. It makes me so sad when I hear women criticising themselves, speaking negatively and generally not cutting themselves any slack. Choosing to focus more on what they still need to achieve in order to feel accomplished instead of what they already have securely under their belts. Choosing to focus on all the areas in which they fall short over the areas in which they slay. So let’s change that with a bit of self loving confessions.

Today I am proud of me. Proud of who I was but even more of who I have become. Proud of everything I have achieved, the big and the small, the progress I have made and the storms I have survived. I am proud of myself that I am no longer afraid of what my future holds- neither my growth or the continuation of my journey. I trust myself. No conditions. No pressure. No more comparing. I am good enough today, right now and in this very moment… I love me, full stop!

vi x

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