I know birth.

I have done it a few times.

I have learned its process and mastered it’s ways.

However I discovered what it is to carry, labour and birth long before I knew childbirth.

I’ve carried dreams I miscarried due to fear and self doubt.

I have carried shameful opinions I’ve had to abort.

I’ve laboured in relationships that no pain relief could ever quench. Just trying to stay alive as it’s pangs tore my inward parts.

I have laboured as I’ve tried to find myself and discover who I am.

I’ve birthed new versions of myself over and over again. Wanting to erase my past. Wanting to be free.

I’ve birthed self love and self worth and seen God’s hand in it all. I’ve seen victory.

To carry, to labour and to birth.

Not always children.

Sometimes your destiny. Sometimes your peace, sometimes a fresh start.

Always a lesson. Always forever changed.






Pic: serena williams/vanity fair

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