…A Stale Perfect

Remember when our love was a scandal. Remember the first time I beat the odds and got pregnant. Remember you told me I would. Remember when my divorce papers finally came through. Remember that dodgy blow up bed. Remember when we nearly lost you. Remember when the scan showed it was a boy! Remember when I hated you. Remember when you doubted me. Remember when we knew it was real… remember when we proved them wrong.

Relationships are so complex. They rely on two people, coming together. Full of every memory, habit, experience, doctrine and issues they’ve ever carried. You are expected to dwell inside a love that is meant to bypass all that has already been said and done in your life then together you create more memories, experiences, more habits, dramas and joys and that love is still expected to grow and accommodate it all!

No matter what you ‘see’ in other couples never ever be duped into comparing your set up to theirs. You can come for me in the comments but no one can tell me their marriage/ relationships etc are “GOAL” worthy everyday. If that is the case something ain’t right because just to exist in this life is pain some days, joy some days, disaster some days and triumphs some days. That’s how you know you are living- you FEEL and then ultimately grow.

All relationships at times are more EastEnders than The Cosby show! That’s a fact. That’s real talk. Set realistic goals and don’t compare. Everything you’ve ever gone through together makes for beautiful, colourful, hilarious, affirming stories of how your love is the bomb because it has weathered every storm and won. Who wants a stale perfect that breaks at a whisper..

Love ya…As always … V 😘

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