Happiness is…

Happiness is…

Sitting on the sofa, remote in hand, with a beverage of choice and soft blanket thrown over your legs.

Happiness is getting the children to bed before 8pm and spending quality time with your spouse.

Happiness is sending your child to school anxious about something and picking them up face beaming, skipping without a care in the world.

Happiness is getting the ‘all clear’

Happiness is knowing God is rooting for you.

Happiness is knowing you alone are

whole and everything else is a bonus.

Happiness is knowing that a full heart is better than a full wallet.

Happiness is freedom to be you.

Happiness is bringing home a brand new baby.

Happiness is accepting that God made no mistakes with you.

Happiness is a dogs wagging tail.

Happiness is getting a parking space on the school run.

Happiness is children’s laughter.

Happiness cannot be bought.

Happiness is your passport to long life. Never let it expire.

As always V 😘

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