As Nina put it 22 years of making too much noise in public places! ❤️

What I love so much about friendships is that it is a choice. Unlike family where you just arrive into a unit and are now subject to culture, religion, cooking style, passed down opinions and thinking. Friendships are the connecting of souls on a multitude of levels, relying not on the DNA coursing through your veins but on the simple measure of likability and uniting on levels that there are just not enough words to describe. Friends that bring out the best in you, can connect with you as you stumble awkwardly through puberty, likewise be there as you navigate motherhood for the first time, likewise be there and still liking, loving and connecting with you as you battle through every storm causing you to harden and change. Those people who rock and roll with you through all that and more are a G I F T. I repeat a G I F T. ✨

I look at this photo and see mothers, wives, business women, housewives, a teacher, a manager, divorcees, one of us with no kids, one with 1 kid, one with 2, one with 3 and 1 with 4! You see big boobs, no boobs, big hair, no hair, you see west Indian, west African and English heritage. You see those who've cried over miscarriages, those who never thought they'd become mothers, those who left abusive relationships. You see feet that have travelled the four corners of the earth you see mouths that have shared secrets, cried for help and laughed till bellies ached. You see survivors. You see warriors. You see banter. You see love. You see life lines. You see SISTERS.

I have 4 biological sisters and feel so blessed by the many friends that can also wear that title. A friend isn't just someone who you speak with everyday. I particularly love the ones where 1 year passes and you begin the phone conversation with a squeal and a comfy spot on the sofa… what's time and distance for true friendships.

Celebrate your squad today. ❤️

As always… V 😘

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