I’ll see you queening on the other side.

This is NOT my current situation and neither do I 'feel' how I did in this photo. Sometimes life really ambushes you and instead of feeling like you have it all together you feel as though you haven't even started yet. Then you think about it over and over and realise that it's not LIFE… it's YOU. It's you who has become your worst enemy, critic and oppressor. It's you who has decided to forget every achievement you've ever made. It's you who has decided that your default setting is -1 and now the dial is stuck….

And its in the moment of self sabotage I begin to write, I write to you I write to me, the me of yesterday and the me of tomorrow. Each paragraph loosens the tension, slows the heart rate and clears the fog. .

Even the self love preachers need a sermon of their own medicine sometimes. Even the so called 'super mum's' (if that's even a thing 😒) need their capes dry cleaned from time to time.

The woman that is bold, brash and beautiful is me. The woman who is sometimes sad, silent and submerged is also me, it's also you. Make no apologies. Find your way out as mine is to write and we'll see each other Queening on the other side. Crown straight. Mind straight. 👑✨. .
As always … V 😘

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