Justice for Rash

I'm so sick of this. I'm crying because I have a BLACK SON. One 20year old pursued by police officers cannot just be arrested and interviewed and afforded the rights of any other human being. NO I forgot our boys are brutes, inhuman, savages. Not worthy of dignity. Not worthy of life.

When they arrest child murderers and sexual abusers the vilest criminals of them all, they somehow survive to take that mug shot. Not our boys.

To the mama of Rash, my darling. You carried him and birthed him. Raised him for 2 decades and now in a senseless act of police brutality he is GONE. No more hugs, no more teasing him about girlfriends no more hope for his future. Please be strong as we all stand with you.

I don't care if he had a drugs on him, in him. I don't care if he was a thief or a robber. HE SHOULD BE ALIVE.

The courts should have decided his fate. NOT a murderer masquerading in a police uniform.

In the days since I wrote this article I have got into debate about the circumstances surrounding the death of Rashan Charles. If I'm honest these debates have somewhat incensed me because I have found myself having to defend a dead black man who's voice can no longer defend himself.

I truly don't believe that there is a race outside of the black race where sympathy and empathy for losing a life is dismissed of in favour of…"well he must have been a criminal"… "well if he wasn't up to no good he'd be alive". Excuse me? So if that's the case we wouldn't need the judicial system or prisons to house these vermin who seem in popular opinion better off dead.

The issue here with Mr. Charles is NOT about what he had done or was in the process of doing the issue is that a police officer on duty decided that excessive force was required to restrain/ attempt to arrest. To the point we are not talking about a broken shoulder or nose but we are praying that he will rest in peace.

My issue is that if you are a black man who dies at the hands of the police we have to begin digging and uprooting your past to see if it warrants our cries for justice to be served on your behalf. I don't buy that. Yes karma is a female cow and I like most people would rather criminals be off the streets rather than cavorting around freely destroying our communities but isn't that why we have judge and jury? Isn't that why we have forensics, evidence and testimony. You see my issue is and I will say it again only once is that Rashan Charles, 20 years old, murdered on Saturday 22nd August 2017 was not afforded the luxury of even getting his wrists cuffed, instead an autopsy is about to be performed as his family decide what he should wear in his coffin.

RIP RASH ❤️ Rashan Charles

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