We Are…

We are the women that don’t make the headlines or red carpets but yet WE make the world go round.

We are gym regulars lifting ‘man size’ weights, we are women standing in the House of Commons heading up debates. We are the same women rushing home to wash the dirty plates.

We are women injecting hormones to conceive that child. We are the women telling husbands to keep away cos today we’re fertile.

We are in the workplace fighting sexism. We are marching in the streets holding placards high with our message- Feminism.

We are Black Lives Matter mothers, wives and daughters preaching. We are confused, self hating destroying our melanin by bleaching.

We are the mixed couples trending, we are the step families blending. We are the happy homes pretending.

We are Mary, Martha and that woman found in proverbs 31. We are women hustling for that diamond hoping to God, that THIS man will be the one.

Oh we women are everything and a bag of chips and yet STILL look in the mirror and our beauty, form and heroism we diss.

Oh We Are….. As always V 😘

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