You hold the key 🗝

We often look to other people and things to make us happy… but we ultimately hold the key. 

How often have you thought a project or new purchase was going to turn your life around and make you ‘happier’ only to realise after some time has passed you still feel the S A M E way. 

We seek happiness in other people’s validation. Waving our desperate hands frantically hoping that we’ll be seen, noticed, loved. It’s all great when they do and give us one big hi 5 and pat on the back but what if they D O N ‘T?

Will your mood drop? Confidence suffer? Plans change?… I am a super emotional person and everything I feel is to the extreme. I’m really working on reigning it in though (and I haft got better) because it really is a force that takes me on some unstable rides at times. I was so affected by outside forces that I could experience several moods in a scarily short space of time. Ridiculous! + Exhuausting! Not to mention hard for my husband. I got fed up with M Y S E L F! I was annoying M Y S E L F and despised MY N E E D I N E S S . I knew I had to source my happiness and emotional stability from the person that would never leave me hanging or pining… M E. 

Because if what I write about everyday is true. SELF LOVE is the best love. I am ENOUGH is a factual statement to be taken seriously, not a whimsical tag line or half baked slogan. We need to B E L I E V E it. 

New ‘material’ things have a buzz that wears off. Friends get busy sometimes. Bosses will look you over in favour of someone else. Lovers fall out of love. So we have to learn that when it falls back to the default setting of ME, MYSELF and I … and it will over and over again, we need to find that key to our ultimate unconditional happiness that’s is locked away in our core fuelled by God’s love and we need to unleash it on ourselves until we are drowning in it and don’t even want to be 

S A V E D. 
Happy Thursday …As always V 😘

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