You weren’t supposed to make it!

You weren’t supposed to make it. It wasn’t supposed to work out. 
They sat, popcorn in hand waiting for your demise to play out. 
Smirks were the order of the day as you began building, trying, growing. 
Your fall was met with eye rolls, never concern. Only happiness as you seemed to be stuck, going NOWHERE. 
Your business flopped, your marriage flopped, your walk with God flopped, your career never even got off the ground. 

You looked in the mirror and began to realise that you were still the same person, that though you were slightly bruised and dented you were more than fit for purpose. Though their negative vibes and voices could still be tangibly felt and heard you decided to name yourself SUCCESS. You dared to take God at his word. You dared to turn your dreams into reality. You dared to parade yourself and your talents across life’s catwalk and you did it well. ‘They’ stand corrected. Not by choice but by force. You were not going to have it anyway other way. You my darling are SUCCESS and you are going ALL THE WAY.
Love ya! …V 😘

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