Your flow …

Sometimes we’re sure and sometimes we’re not. We’re only human after all. Striking a confident pose one minute, then self consciously checking our reflection moments later. Doubting ourselves, our worth, our progress. 

If only I was this, if only I had that. Forgetting to be grateful remembering that you are already ‘great’ and ‘full’. Ask yourself what you need, you may be stumped after a few suggestions but ask yourself what you want and you may need a moment as you fill page after page with your fleshy list of desires. 

I couldn’t have kids.. then I could. I’ve been married… then divorced… I was building my own business…then I gave it up. Life is constantly evolving and changing. Go with the flow… No! Go with YOUR flow and be careful what you wish for, especially if you want it for the wrong reasons. God may just allow it to teach you a life lesson. They often hurt by the way…

V 😘

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