Bury the old…

Easter for me always brings back memories of my wedding day. We got married the Thursday before Good Friday in 2012. For me the fact it was Easter week just cemented the sense of it being a new start. All the rubbish, the drama, the delay, the frustration, the disobedience, the hurt, the pain, the negativity and worry had been buried sealed in a grave of yesterday and now we were stepping out as husband and wife, brand new, now two had truly become one. I couldn’t moan anymore that we weren’t married, I wasn’t pre occupied with what church folk were saying anymore. We were starting a new life as my second child’s life grew within me. .

In life sometimes, something has to die before something new can live. Something causing you pain needs to be buried before you can walk in newness and in your purpose. Who are you desperate to be but your current situation just won’t allow it, it just won’t let you be great. You alone know the answer to that. Well it’s time to identify it and leave it behind. Your new life is waiting for you and believe me it’s gonna be awesome (if you can just make room for it)!

Happy Easter to you ALL…V 😘

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