It’s up to you. 

Don’t blame others. Be your own PR. Be true to yourself. Take responsibility. Reflect OFTEN. Be adaptable. Have a plan. Be intentional.

I’ve been shaped by MANY things, been Influenced and pressured into MANY things but ultimately I AM responsible. I MUST take charge. Those of us who are Christians or other monotheistic believers often find it hard saying I’M IN CHARGE we fear that it appears to be denouncing the role of God and implies we are somehow lacking reverence to the almighty by getting above our station. BUT. God is my father who is IN ME. He’s my friend, my teacher, my guard, my fortress, my defence, my comfort, my hope and like any father he hopes that what he has instilled in me will be enough that I can make my own decisions boldly and with clarity because it is he who orders my steps. He is ultimately all up in my business, all up in my heart, working it all out for my good cheering me on to be ALL what he created me to be. Not to keep looking back for that permission slip but just to get on with it already!

Be bold. Own it. Step out. Put GOD into practice. You are entirely up to YOU.

Happy Sunday … V 😘

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