Stop doubting yourself.
Stop making your moods dictate your day. 
Stop making excuses. 
Stop learning the hard way. 
Stop comparing yourself. 
Stop trying to be someone else. 
Stop trying to please everyone. 
Stop trying to fit in. 
Stop being scared. 
Stop wishing. 
Stop procrastinating. 
Stop letting opinions burst your bubble. 
Stop waiting for permission. 
Stop listening to negativity. 
Stop hiding. 
Stop sharing your plans with too many people. 

Stop giving up too soon. 
Stop allowing them to take advantage of you. 

Stop hosting pity parties. 
Stop crying over lost opportunities. 
Stop thinking the grass is greener. 
Stop being ungrateful. 
Stop forgetting God loves you. 
Stop self sabotage. 
Stop thinking you’re not good enough. 

Now GO!

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