Mum Tum…

I hated this photo when I first ever saw it… why? Because all I could see was my tummy. My baby was only 3 months old but I felt extreme pressure to have lost it by then. It wasn’t until later that I refocused and realised the stand out feature of this photo was the four little faces that called that tummy home for a combined total of 157 weeks. We are bombarded as women with images of perfection streamed constantly to us through mags, tv, movies and social media. Even the mums on the pampers ads look good and like they get 8hours sleep every night! 

I want to be healthy and look good but more importantly I need a healthy and sound mind. For me, my husband and my children. I watch the mums working out on insta while I eat doughnuts and say go girl! I follow them because they motivate me, I’ll get there eventually. I’m in a happier place because I’ve removed the pressure… from once being my biggest critic i’m now my biggest cheerleader. #selflove

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