To the Victor goes the Spoils. 

To the victor goes the spoils…I saw this quote and yes as always ‘it got me thinking!’ I began to think about it in reference to my life. To the victor goes the spoils…To the victor goes the spoils…

So in a nutshell whosoever wins gets the prize, privileges and everything attached to that victory. In my life there have been times where I haven’t quite felt like ‘the victor’ more like ‘the victim’. I’ve sat in my defeated position and watched as ‘the victor’ celebrated and rejoiced, confetti falling like an Xfactor final while I picked up my shattered pieces wondering where I went wrong. But the thing is was I really ‘the victim’ or had just like in the infamous Steve Harvey/Miss Universe fiasco the wrong name been read out. .

Have you ever come out of a relationship thinking your life was over and you’ll never find someone like him again while he and his new Mrs sashay into the sunset? Have you ever thought you were about to be promoted in your dream job, envisioning yourself with the office in the corner, company car only to be called in to see the boss and told they’re making you redundant. Have you ever been so close to completing on a house, already created the mood board for your bedroom, chosen the decking for your back yard only for it all to fall apart last minute?

Well you’d be right in thinking

 W H Y M E?? Why doesn’t anything go right for me? All around you see others marrying, getting promoted, purchasing that house and you are back to the drawing board because to the victor goes the spoils… right? But have you ever thought that God may have delayed that opportunity because it W A S N ‘ T F O R Y O U. There’s actually something far better in the future for you. A perfect match on all fronts! So being the victim (as you saw it) was actually the correct outcome but you failed to see that you were in fact the 

V I C T O R, the W I N N E R and 

S U R V I V O R but you failed to see it. Every closed door should not be seen as a blessing blocked but sometimes as a bullet dodged. 

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