Decorated tree? Or scattered baubles…

The year is almost over… how you feeling? Some of us maybe feeling extremely accomplished, where others maybe feeling like they were non starters in 2016. No matter how many times they tried to get it together it’s as though everything was just stacked against them. 

To those who managed to check everything off their to-do list, well done! You navigated your course, weathered every storm and now you can exhale- you did it! Adversity came and you smashed it out the park. Opposition reared its ugly head and you faced it head on. Even when you were knocked overboard you fought your way back on deck. 

I’m looking at it like a Christmas tree. At the start of 2016 it was bare and undecorated. Green, uniform and just waiting for an identity and purpose but with every accomplishment you added a bauble, with every achievement you added a candy cane. Some big, some small, some fairy lights for sparkle and eventually the ⭐️.. it was then time to stand back and admire your work. 

Some of you did un pack the tree and set it up with huge anticipation and confidence, you had those big ideas and plans that you just couldn’t wait to put into actbut at the close of 2016 you have yet to attach a single bauble. They lay scattered around you, reminding you of every ‘no’ and false start. However don’t be discouraged for they are also reminders of your desire, your effort and your vision. All is not lost. 

God says he CAUSES everything to work together for those that LOVE him. So though it is disappointing and you are probably doubting if you are even on the right track, you have to know that God is in control. He makes all things new and is always in the business of giving out new names and new territories. So again, all is not lost! Change your demeanour from defeated to victorious and your name from non starter to ‘I’m back’. Take God at his word, walk in his will and soon every plan, vision, purpose and gift for your life will be established. Your tree fully decorated. A time to exhale. You did it!!! ❤️ 

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