It’s Your Vision

Sorry but when you and God were in dialogue about your purpose- were they there? You know those nights when you fired questions in the dark asking him ‘why am I here’? Did they intercede on your behalf asking God to reveal his perfect plan for your life?

When you work your day job just to pay your bills then come home exhausted only to work throughout the night on your passion. Are they in your kitchen making you a cuppa or asking if there’s anything they can do?

When God blew over your biggest obstacle to date and brought you closer to your dream we’re they up in your living room popping the champagne as you both broke out into a Shirley Caesar praise dance?

Now if the answer to all of the above is NO then why on earth do you feel the need to have to explain yourself to them. It’s your vision and if they don’t get it, that’s because it’s simply not theirs to get. It made sense to you when you received it, you remember that light bulb went on in your head and you finally felt alive. Well thats because this ‘vision’ is tailor made for you. 

Their negativity maybe subtle or direct either way it has one objective and that is to knock you off your path. You owning your purpose unnerves them and the fear of the unknown regarding your destiny causes them to act up. Saying things to make you doubt. 

You and God have an arrangement and he makes no mistakes. Take your vision, plan, idea and talents and run with only your truth and God’s voice resounding in your head. 


  1. Love this! It’s so easy to get caught up in the opinions of others, especially when your efforts to manifest your dreams and passions are questioned. But in the words of DJ Khaled “They don’t want you to succeed”!

    Truly, it’s through hard work and walking in faith of our Creator that our dreams will manifest into a reality.



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