Overwhelmingly Overwhelmed!

On Sunday my pastor titled her message simply ‘overwhelmed’… now anyone with babies can testify that you hardly ever get to fully hear the days message/sermon because as soon as the baby squeaks you know the ushers are counting down from 10 before they tell you where the crèche is! Now once in the crèche the message is fed through so you can hear and see what’s going on but us mums soon become engaged in our conversations about husbands, teething remedies and what we’ve got to do when we get home, add to that babies babbling, crying and squealing and you suddenly become unaware of what’s going on beyond the crèche let alone able to concentrate on the message. (Thank God we can download it later!) 

The crèche however is a ministry of its own in my opinion, where new mums alongside veteran breeders like myself can come together and share, encourage and even pray for each other. But that’s another blog topic for another day. 
So I return to the message… So on Sunday I only had one child with me while hubby held the fort at home. This meant once she was in her class and I had finished my singing session with the children’s ministry I was able to actually sit and hear a full message. I sat poised as though I was in the cinema sans popcorn and waited to hear what God had to say. “OVERWHELMED” I couldn’t believe it the first time in like forever I hear a full message in service and it’s speaking to me. 

Now at home I run a tight ship, so I’d like to think my plates are spinning quite well even if I say so myself. My husband just shakes his head as I fold away clothes he’s just taken out to wear and even my eldest said to me “mummy you’d be a really good police officer” ( it was actually a compliment by the way!) So you can sort of understand how I run my tribe. My mum always said to us growing up, work first, play later, she was a single mum of 6 so excuse me but I have no other choice than to trust her advice! I need a tidy home to function and organisation is key to keeping me sane and smiling. 

It’s one of the reasons I had 4 children- I knew I could handle it – there is a desire that comes before you decide to have children and I knew as long as that desire remained I would keep going because I knew God would give me the grace to care for them in the best possible way without everything unravelling at the seams but once in a while one, three or six of my spinning plates drop just like last week when all 4 of my babies were sick and one even ended up in A and E. l began to feel “overwhelmed”.

Now being overwhelmed is totally old news! News flash EVERYBODY in 2016 is overwhelmingly overwhelmed! There are bills, doctors appointments, health scares, spiritual attacks, self esteem issues, sickness, family demands, commitments outside of the home, marriage issues, family life, work life, church life, making time to cook, love, eat and if you’re lucky sleep! Les struggles are real. But….

For every moment of feeling overwhelmingly overwhelmed there is a Father who art in Heaven, Holy is his name, that is poised and ready to answer every prayer. He’s literally waiting for you to hand over the reigns and just trust him. More than you can bear? Call him… no where else to run? Call him… sick and tired of being sick and tired? Call him. He is the original search engine where EVERY answer and solution can be found. The pieces of your broken plates don’t mean you have failed they are just an indication that maybe you need to slow down, maybe stop saying yes to everything. 

Quality over quantity I say and do not be so obsessed with being busy that life ultimately passes you by in a speeding blur causing you to miss out on tasting, smelling, feeling and enjoying any of it. 
Sometimes I have to take off my cop hat and let a few plates smash. If I’m having cuddles with my tribe or being the sponge absorbing the stresses of my husbands hectic day then let it be so. I’ll clean them up later! 

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