My first tattoo was a butterfly, my second tattoo was a butterfly resting on a rose branch, my third tattoo was a mistake and my fourth tattoo was a huge rose to cover the mistake. I love butterflies and I love Roses!

But who doesn’t love butterflies they are God’s visual promise that you don’t have to stay as you are, that after much perseverance and struggle you can emerge stronger, more beautiful and able to fly. 

In the metamorphosis of the butterfly we see first a caterpillar crawling and eating its way through life sometimes camouflaged, blending with its surroundings or hairy and prickly defensively protecting itself from being a meaty meal for other creatures. A bit like us really, hiding in our circumstances hoping we can just stay hidden in denial or we’re angry and prickly defending ourselves, protecting ourselves from hurtful predators. 

The caterpillar knows that once it has fulfilled the larvae lifestyle it will soon be an insect but not just any insect a butterfly. From eating leaves, other pests and even its own kind it will graduate to drinking nectar, after spending a lifetime on its belly face down and crawling with only the sky as a dream it will graduate to using the sky as a ball room as it waltz’s from place to place unashamedly flaunting its beautiful wings. 

We can be butterflies we are fashioned by the same hands. Your story of metamorphosis can demonstrate God’s goodness, his promises and his favour. When your enemies come looking for you on that branch you will be waltzing high above them you see they didn’t see your change coming. Caterpillar today butterfly forever. 🐛

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