My friends, doubt and fear. 

Doubt why did you come here?And to top it off you brought along Fear!

Man I told you guys where to go a long time ago.

After I stepped up my game, realised my worth and showed you both the door. 
What! No! Fear said I called him?

He’s tripping!

Talk about Dreaming! Wanting! and Wishing!
Ok, maybe I did reach out, but trust me it was just a mistake. 

I called him up doing my usual I just needed to try and escape. 

Yes I was crying, pitying myself and freaking out. 

That’s why I hit you up the other day remember that Doubt?
I told you I was cool though I didn’t need to see him or you. 

To think you still went and fast yourself by bringing him along too.  
Well I’m fine now as you both can see, 

So get out of my life I mean it now leave!

A girl can change her mind you know and you need to remember that no means no!
In my moment of weakness yes I reached out but Doubt and Fear I really need you to get out!

But wait, hold on, one more thing just so you heard it from me. 

I’ve erm met someone new his name is Free. 


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