Choose your focus 

The world is our oyster, we can literally go anywhere, become anything, be with anyone and literally have it ALL. 

However with this ‘availability’ and everything in our reach we often falling into a trap of what I call C.A.D (constant aspiration disease). 😉 We always want to be in the next season, want whatever we see, aspiring to reach goals set by other people. How tiring!

We need a cure! It’s the season your in that may be just the environment that’s going to birth your business, find your life partner, ignite an idea. 

By chasing what you think you need because someone else has it or has achieved it leaves you constantly feeling underwhelmed by your current situation by your current amazing achievements. 

You have so much right now, right here and believe it or not you are causing many to suffer from C.A.D. Who knew!
As always….V

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