Sit Pretty…

In EVERY box of chocolates there is a flavour that gets left til last. All the favourites go first like caramel and fudge until you’re left with the coffee sweets or Turkish delights. 

In life you may often feel like you are being overlooked and set aside as others are chosen over you. Why not me you ask? What’s wrong with me?

I started thinking, the confectioners who make the chocolate know that there are flavours that are not liked as much, or not the go to taste of the masses but they still make them. They still create the recipe, design it’s coloured foil wrapper and make a space in the box for them. Why? Because someone out there is looking for that coffee sweet. Not everybody wants popular or dime a dozen. .

So what if the masses don’t like you, your style, your posts, your God, your laugh, your gifts and sense of humour. So what if the popular ones mock you, and look down on you. So what if they get there first. So what if they leave you behind. .

God is more than a manufacturer he created the heavens, the earth and everything in between. Just as you have been made the way you are there are people out there, potential spouses, potential companies, potential agencies that want just what you got and will take you from overlooked to booked, forgotten to unforgettable. Unloved to loved. .
Let them go ahead.. Sit pretty someone’s about to come and eat you up! 💎🙌🏾😋

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