Be organic…

Clichè but the only way! As soon as I stayed authentic and in line with my purpose I grew. When you see band wagons racing towards you sometimes it’s hard not to just jump on and join the majority, I mean it’s easier right? but often once seated on the wagon you realise it was a mistake. You’ve force yourself to fit in and adjust your uniqueness to play along with everyone else’s story and then your story gets lost. 

Marriage isn’t for everyone, an online business isn’t for everyone, travelling the world isn’t for everyone. Leave them to do them! Stop jumping on band wagons!

What happens when you allow yourself to blend in, is that your potency weakens, your light dims and your purpose God placed in you before you were born slowly begins to diminish. 

Don’t fall for it. We need you just so! It’s your key that’s going to open many doors. Exhaust your gifts, they will never expire or run out. Once in line with God he continually downloads more and more into your spirit. Long after that band wagon has run out of steam.
As always V x

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