Sometimes you just got to throw on a head scarf and get on with it! 

With my size family to juggle some days are hectic!!! My mates say ‘V, you make it look so easy!’ I say it’s not at all but I STAY IN MY LANE! I compare myself to NO ONE, I parent my way, I run my home my way. I don’t follow one size fits all guidelines and over zealous measures because I follow my own beat.
 Social media, magazines and tv can have you thinking you ain’t all that, your hair ain’t all that, your house ain’t all that, your teeth ain’t all that, your ambitions ain’t all that, your all that ain’t all that. But hear what. Wherever you are right now-IS ALL THAT!
PhD or no degree
Long hair or no hair
Big house or one room
Married or single
Buck teeth or Hollywood smile
Don’t be waiting with baited breath for the next trend to hit. The new must have gadget to land, the latest fake hair pieces to rock. 
See your reflection? Hear those ideas? Feel those emotions? They are yours and belong to you alone. DANCE TO THAT BEAT. 


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