There is beauty in singleness. 

I do not like pressure but having four kids, a husband, a home, ventures and hobbies however means many days it’s the beat I dance too. 

When I was single I had no such pressure apart from the pressure to have everything I have now. How ironic. I’d be minding my own business and be asked ‘when you gonna get married’? Or ‘aren’t you the only sister that hasn’t had kids yet, when are yours coming’? To say those question annoyed me would be an understatement. How about just a simple ‘hi, how are you’? Why the constant pressure to be at another stage, who told you I’m ready to move on from where I am? 

Single women are looked at as though they are missing out on something as though because there are no kids or hubby in tow they are somewhat incomplete. News flash: not everyone wants to get married and not everyone wants kids. 

Women should celebrate every stage and process in this life journey. I loved the freedom and spontaneity I had as a single diva out and about having one adventure after another but I also adore raising my prince and princesses and loving my King. I’ve felt great and awful as a single woman and as a wife and mother. 

I’m saddened having conversations about biological clocks ticking louder than Big Ben and the search for Mr Right playing out like a dodgy fusion of CSI meets Bridget Jones. All fanatical and depressing.   

I searched for Mr Right and ended up divorced, I longed for a child only to find I was incapable of conceiving due to illness. Praise God that it all changed for me and I got Mr Right right second time around and had 4 kids. But not everyone has the ending they’ve been dreaming of. 

But you see the more you have brings more of everything else, the good and bad. I guess I’m writing these words to say. Don’t stress if what you planned isn’t quite taking shape. Ask yourself if you’re even ready for the next stage or if you really want it. You could be racing to the next stage because it’s what’s ‘expected’ of you. Don’t live to meet others expectations of you. 

Enjoy the season you are in. God’s plan is always the best plan to follow. Fret not your happy ending will be designed and tailor made to suit you by the creator who designed and tailor made you. 
As always V x

One comment

  1. Though I enjoy the freedom of singleness. I also desire companionship and welcome the responsibilities of a family life. I’m ready to settle down with the right woman.


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