Adore Him

Lord you desire our worship our praise coupled with humility.
You despise our arrogance, our ego, our addiction to hierarchy. 
You walked on water, spoke to thousands now millions know your name. 
How could a King, a saviour, an heir then die in such a barbaric way. 

Surely you could have worn the purest gold, the rarest gems those precious stones. 
But no humbly you saved your royal robes and golden crown for your heavenly throne. 

For some a Sunday is routine, time for Sunday best. 
We’ve packed you away during the week now try and give you what’s left. 

Pastors in suits, First Ladies on a flyer are enough for some. 
Forgetting the one we need to adore and bow before is God’s only son. 

Lord let the meek say I am strong and the false prophets admit they are wrong. 
Let your glory not be shared or focus be on what we wear. 

Lord may we show up to know you more and not show up to put on a show. 

Deeper, deeper, deeper Lord is my prayer. 
Jesus you are coming back and your glory you will not share. 

Money and it’s love have caused many a church member to frown. 
Charging for a blessing that will never come down. 

Who can give twenty! Who can give more? Jesus you never charged a dime or oppressed the poor. 

I love you Lord for your transparency is available to all. 
Now together in one accord let’s be ready for that golden trumpets call.

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