My Fulfilment is…

An empty womb I thought was my destiny. Having been told it wasn’t going to happen for me. I thought an empty womb would mean my heart forever empty and those I envied with wombs full were those living a life much fulfilled.




It all changed for me and through a miraculous script written by God himself. In 2008, 2012,2014 and 2016 my womb was full and yes as I expected my heart was filled too. I was surrounded by these beings that were heaven in flesh form.



But has my heart forever remained filled since my womb was filled? No not all because the pressure of fulfilment cannot be placed on the shoulders of your children, your spouse or a career. Fulfilment must come through you first in self love and spiritual alignment in all God says so then whether wombs fill or languish empty until biological clocks make their final chime you will still be fulfilled and when life partners disappear and the career never materialises you will still be fulfilled.




My love for all things God and me have caused my children and spouse to take my fulfilled heart to new levels instead of them setting the bar and me desperately trying to reach it.



Don’t wait for that happiness. Love and find fulfilment in Gods love and where you are today.



As always … V


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