Caterpillar today, butterfly tomorrow. 

We’ve all experienced hurt, pain and drama. It’s a part of life’s journey. Ingredients that though painful are needed to help us fulfil our purpose and reach our destiny by strengthening us. 

Those years I wasted in destructive relationships brought those exact ingredients into my life. Hurt, pain and drama. Years later though, when I got married to my second husband it was sooooo different to what I was used too I was literally in heaven like I had to pinch myself. Why had I been stuck using the same recipe, why hadn’t I realised I was worth some finer ingredients for once in my life like commitment, unconditional love and tenderness that was for me alone and not to be shared with other women. I had my supply that I didn’t have to spy on or track it’s use to make sure it wasn’t being used elsewhere. I was worth it and was crowned with it daily. 

Yesterday is full of memories, it’s where you were. Today seek more for yourself. Stop shopping at life’s discount stores where things come easy and go just as fast, aim for that finer stuff. You so deserve it. 

As always…V

Artwork by Debra Cartwright. 

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