Remove the mask 

Just because she’s smiling doesn’t mean she’s happy and just because she’s confident doesn’t mean she’s winning. 

Have you actually asked how she’s doing, or are you just going to assume because the profile pic is on point and she recently came back from another holiday that she’s just A-Ok. 

The world today is full of people who are excellent at hiding behind masks. We are all good at this. We keep our appearance looking flawless, we laugh at the right moments, we write the optimistic statuses and post pictures of our best days but a lot of times its just a mask. Behind our Mona Lisa smile some of us are screaming for attention, screaming for help. 

We’re hoping someone just reads between the lines or catches that glimpse of sadness in our eyes so that we won’t have to intentionally admit we’re drowning but we won’t deny it if we’re asked. We’re at breaking point and no more amounts of glue are going to keep this mask together for much longer.  

Work distracts you for 40 hours a week, Kids distract you momentarily forever, life in itself is a distraction of itself. The busier you are the less time you have to hurt. To hurt is to fail, to actually for the first time in your life see that thin line between your sanity and insanity is a scary thing. Not so much a line of chalk on the concrete that fades but a line in neon lights, unmissable and intrusive, it’s flash a scary reminder of how close to the edge you’ve come. 

This is not everybody’s constant reality of that I’m sure but we’ve all been there haven’t we? Men and women alike. No cover up is gender specific and I use the following examples as just that but men may cover with bravado, hit the gym, hit the bottle, hit out at others and women will often keep talking, keep applying, keep buying. We self medicate desperately trying to feel ourselves. Desperately trying to find ourselves. 

Removing the mask will hurt, it’s been there a while it’s s part of who you’ve become but gently remove it. Clean away all the build up that’s accumulated underneath you know those bad habits, those lies you tell yourself to cope. Now look at you close up and personal and start dealing. 

Deal with those past hurts, rejections and mishaps. Deal with that fear, anxiety and insecurity. Be in the now ( your now) stop comparing yourself to others that’s a huge part of what got you into this mess. You’re not in a race, be happy for people, rip up the contract you have with your past, flirt and be open to your future, remove negative triggers, remove negative people, be open and stop ignoring the voice of God, let him in. 

Will you fall victim again… Probably. But keep going and next time reach out there are ears that will listen and not judge and mouths that will speak life into you and not report your failures to others. 

I’m rooting for you and for me. 

As always….V 😘


  1. This is a well written account of how we all have own masks. In a lot of ways it’s a fault that is down to society -children are very prone to showing their emotions. They will tell you if they are happy or angry or sad. Believe me I know-I work at a primary school as a teaching assistant. Yet it seems by the time we’re teenagers/young adults, we have been socially conditioned not to express everything that comes into our heads.

    This is a big issue I have with depression posters/leaflets etc. They always seem to depict a broken man/woman with their head in their hands. Depression simply does not look like that. If anything it is often the opposite – as you rightly and eloquently point out!


    • Thank you so much for your comment. I love what you said about the posters and leaflets that is so true. How often do people go around with their heartache on display. You are also right about children, if only we could retain some of that transparency and reach out.

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