Let me walk upon the water

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders

Let me walk upon the waters

Wherever You would call me

Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander

And my faith will be made stronger

In the presence of my Savior

-Hillsong United ‘Oceans’-

Daily we get sooo caught up in things that stifle our faith, cloud our judgement and steal our joy. We begin to feel overwhelmed by almost anything because we forget that the God that created the universe has us covered. 

My children don’t worry about whether they will eat today, whether they will laugh today, whether they will feel loved today. They wake up and roll out of bed confidently and self assured because they know that someone called mummy and another one called daddy has all bases covered. 

My children however may not be aware that mummy’s superhero abilities including strength, courage and creativity  are sourced from God and without his favour I wouldn’t be so cool. I would love to take all the credit but I can’t. Some days if it wasn’t for the sweet call from one of them I wouldn’t want to get out of  bed. At times if it wasn’t for my husbands ability to position me to see my value and purpose I would not be following my calling. 

I would be stuck somewhere between why me and maybe… Stuck between the old me and the new me. Feeling unsure whether I’m deserving of her because she’s way better than I thought I could be. Am I really filling her shoes or am I just playing dress up? Having to disrobe at the end of the day revealing that I haven’t really changed. Hi fears, anxiety and insecurity- I’m back!

We all know that feeling but let me just encourage you while I encourage myself. It doesn’t have to be this way. By trusting in the Lord. Asking him for that peace that passes all understanding asking for his spirit to lead you and take you deeper. Deeper than you dared to dream and deeper than you thought possible. Bypassing much of the drama because you’ve outsourced what you don’t understand and can’t fathom to the one who holds the measure of your days. 

Our part is to unreservedly trust God but in trusting it doesn’t mean you have to be stagnant until he sends a dove with an olive branch through your window as a sign. Keep moving, keep praying keep on keeping on. How can he order our steps if were frozen in our fears. 
So as you attempt to walk on your water today. Look out towards your destiny not down where failure lies and with that faith you might just make it to the otherside.

As always….V x

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