More real, less rush. 

Matthew 11;28″Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest”.
Stop for a moment! You do know it’s ok to pause, take a break, adjust the settings and catch your breath don’t you? You’re probably catching up with work, chasing after children, working on your relationships, be it with a spouse or family members and friends. You’re learning how to love your physical outer self, while working on your inner self, running away from the past as you speedily run into your future? It’s just a never ending speedy cycle on the scale of Formula One proportions. Except in the reality of your life there are no back up tyres, no team of specialist engineers, medics and mechanics waiting in the wings for you. Most of us are relying solely on ourselves using only our head or heart as navigators. 

Head: See’s new fashion trends emerging on the high street. 

Heart: Now pressure to keep up and update. Hates everything in wardrobe and throws a tantrum. 

Head: Reads article of celebrity couple sharing how they keep things spicy. 

Heart: Can’t remember when last wore a matching set of underwear let alone lingerie and surely whipped cream is for strawberries right?

Head: Has to smile through another birth announcement on FB. 

Heart: Checks biological clock quickly and wonders if Mr Right is really out there but appearing only during solar eclipses as sightings of him are as rare as that of big foot. 

Head: See’s another post of an old school mates fabulous night out. 

Heart: Reminds self that ‘night out’ is relative and picking up kids late from a school trip alongside other mums could count. 

Head: Knows relationship is doomed and will end in tears. Bruises are getting obvious and people are talking. 

Heart: Can’t face losing in love again! God forbid starting over at my age. He’ll change. 

Hold on a moment though loves. Unlike your job that you’ve had to sign a contract for stating job role, pay and benefits etc, everything else in life is pretty much pay as you go. No binding contract. Do as you please until you get bored or run out of options. So why the pressure? It’s as though your fairy God mother is there hovering around, arms crossed rolling her eyes at you like come on! Get on with it woman! The thing is though, we all know that this imaginary person that you feel is monitoring your every move is actually YOU!!!

You’re pressuring yourself because you haven’t done ‘IT’ yet. You’re pressuring yourself because you done ‘IT’ too early. You’re looking at her on the left while comparing yourself to her on the right. 

Marriages, babies, degrees, houses, cars and empires will actually be burdens if you first do not slow down and get to know and love yourself. You’ll be the one holding it ALL down after all, so it’s advisable to be in the right place emotionally, spiritually and physically. How are you supposed to do that when you are hardly present in your own story. Appreciating and placing value on where you are today. 

As women we talk and share a lot! We do it over coffee, wine or a cuppa. We do it over fences, across desks and in queues. I encourage you today that as you talk about where you are TODAY, you do it honestly don’t add too much glitter and fairy dust but keep it real. You don’t have to put your private affairs out there and break it down piece by piece (like me!) but help a fellow sister out by allowing her to see that all marriages have problems, all houses get messy, all kids are not well behaved and sometimes your best efforts still leave you lagging behind. 

She will appreciate you. You will appreciate letting go of the facade and you will have sown a seed that debunks every myth and relieves every idealist weight off her shoulders. So now the competitive race has been called off we can now laugh together about hubby’s that just don’t get it… and kids that sometimes we wish we had a receipt for!
Love you ladies! 
As always V …😍

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