I have a scar that impersonates a C- section but it’s not. It’s from surgery to treat endometriosis. I have a chicken pox scar on my temple. Just one of two that never faded. I have a scar on my arm. I’m West Indian I sometimes cook with a Dutch pot. They get hot. I got burnt! 

These are just some of the scars I have and you may have too. They are external. They can be explained away if anyone asks, without hesitation. Inside all of us however we have emotional scars that have shaped and tainted who we are today. Hurts, rejections, losses, attacks and abuse. They happen we move on, collect some more and try again to regain ourselves and move on. Sometimes we’re crawling on our knees at first but we do eventually stand and move on- scarred. 
Let’s see…The ex that made you feel insecure and depressed.

The mother that because of her own scars never told you she loved you. 

That friend who pulled everything out of you in confidence now using it to bring you down. 

That teacher who said you’ll never amount to anything. 

That uncle that made you keep that ‘little secret’. The one you still haven’t exposed because you don’t want to destroy the family. 


If we don’t address them as we grow we deny ourselves freedom. You have to go to that hurt place inside and clean up. It will hurt, you will cry, you will go to sleep wake up and cry again. But keep cleaning. Change your truth. Reject their words and actions of sorrow that came at you with the full force of an evil nuclear weapon and replace them with Gods truth about you. Your truth about you.

You were never ugly, useless or unattractive to your man. He was in a relationship with you and loved you deeply. You just ‘found yourself’ and he became afraid. 

Your mother really loved you. She was just never shown love so she didn’t know how to show you. Unfortunately she hadn’t healed from her scars. 

Your uncle didn’t love you. He was your abuser. A criminal. Expose him, protect others and free yourself. 

Your friend’s hurtful words about you are nothing more than fear of your greatness. Let that negativity fuel you to prove them wrong. They did not make you and therefore cannot destroy you. 

Your teacher didn’t understand your gift. So she imposed limitations on your future based on her inability to recognise your greatness. Reject her findings. 

Despite all that has been done to you, against you poised to destroy you. Look at where you are today. If you’re reading this, then you’re alive and that means you can change your tomorrow. Caterpillar today, butterfly tomorrow. I repeat. Caterpillar today, butterfly tomorrow.  

The worst thing you can do now is wait for someone else to come and give you a new name or again use you for emotional target practice. Get up, rise up and declare who you are making it clear that it starts TODAY. So place your crown in position, flash those pearly white teeth and reign. Over your new reality, over your enemies and as a child of the King. 
As always ….V😘


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