Brexit…can’t we just be FWENDS?

Scarier at the moment than the uncertainty of the nation are the hate filled statuses that are pitting everyone against each other. Seriously I thought you had to be 18+ to vote but some of us are reacting like children. 

This effects everyone. We are mothers,fathers, teachers, NHS workers, pastors, post men, lawyers and delivery drivers. We are Great Britain. Regardless of your position we will have to work together for our future success. The country has spoken that’s what democracy is right? 

I have four kids whose future I desperately want to be great so I get the fear, but honestly this is politics. You vote and get a result. Did you not get the memo that it could go either way?

So face bookers the new Great Britain begins with all of us. Let’s stop insulting each other’s voting decision and unite. 

If you’re worried about your kids, then set the example first with your behaviour in the midst of a storm. 

The United Kingdom has left the EU. God is in control. 


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