Find God, Find You, Find Them. 

Today so many people are not fulfilled by their current lifestyle. Going out, not for a good time with friends but instead on the hunt for Mr or Mrs Right. They’re always ‘hooking up’ with people DESPERATELY hoping that they could be THE ONE! 

Meeting up for a date after connecting with them on social media and realising they’re not anything like their bio or profile picture for that matter! Damn!😳. By force you may try to make it work (cos you’re desperate, remember). So you hope that as time goes on the fact that he collects baby mothers for a living with further DNA test results still pending in family court, will eventually stop giving you that nervous twitch you’ve become accustomed to -Why? Because you want to be the SHE-RO. The one that locks him down (and helps him pay all that child support)! 

You ignore the fact that she has a penchant for street fighting where at least 2 wigs at least will become airborne on a Friday night but in your mind you put it down to an ‘angry phase’ she’s going through at the moment brought on by the treatment of her last boyfriend but YOU the HERO will come in like a boss and change her while ducking from afore mentioned wigs. 

Jokes aside though! Pushing for a doomed relationship, which in my case led to a doomed marriage because of desperation is neither smart or funny. We both knew the cracks and issues were already permanent before we said ‘I do’ with our conviction on life support but our bravado and naivety going for gold. 
Promiscuity, partying, alcohol, social media filters, fear, depression, guilt, STD’s, cheating, friends with benefits, competition, relationship goals, squad goals, anxiety, fear of missing out, fear of being left behind, fear of incorrect contouring (🙈) ALL mixed together with desperation amount to some really messed up people with an unrealistic perception of life. 

Don’t be that person. 

You will find that special person after you’ve found God and after you’ve found you. Enjoy your life of course have fun, go out with friends, socialise and unwind but make enjoyment your end goal. At the most unscripted moment your Hero or Shero will appear. Why risk missing out on them, for while you chase baby daddy and street fighter they may just have walked passed you unnoticed. 

As always…V x

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