Let’s choose Love

🙏🏾… May the violence to all people stop. Love our differences for they are superficial at best, for inside and beneath the colour of our skin we are created beings who carry the exact same emotions. We all have the right to live. Live peacefully without fear of another fellow human ending our journey because they object to our existence. Whether it be an objection to their race, sexuality, gender or political persuasion we do not have the right to end a life. A life we did not give. 

How dull would it be if we were completely the same. The variety amongst us is a total gift that should be embraced and enjoyed. If we saw it through the eyes of love we would ‘get it’ but unfortunately we choose hate over and over again. Some do it with guns, some do it with swords some of us do it with a disgusted stare, a derogatory slur, a paranoid glance or a threatening grimace. All are weapons, weapons against love and peace and against God. 

So let it be known I being Christian and Black do not require anyone to kill in my name, my friends who are Muslim and Afghani or Hindu and Indian or Catholic and White do not require anyone to kill in their name. None of us have voted in a hate candidate to represent us. Stop taking it upon yourself. #notinmyname

I hope our children ‘get it’ I hope they will see us as somehow having failed at the task of Love and take it upon themselves to do a better job. 

Here’s hoping….
V x

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