Children come first

Seen a couple of memes on FB about more noise and outrage being made about Gorilla Harambe’s death than the MURDERS of Sandra Bland, Freddy Gray and Eric Garner (to name a few) at the hands of trigger happy police and you know what, I agree. It seems #primatelives mean more to some than #blacklives in our world today. Yep that’s the truth. 

In addition the abuse and trolling of the little boy’s mother has made me absolutely horrified. No, empathy from one human to the next. No thank God the little boy survived or goodness how is the family doing after such an event. No instead we have BLAME, ACCUSATIONS and cruel DEFAMATION of her character. Fellow human beings insinuating that the Gorilla Harambe’s life albeit valuable and endangered was somehow equal or worth more than the little boy’s. Oh I hear the PETA evangelists screaming that “it was” but I’m a mama of four babies so I’m not hearing it. #bye

Any mother (or sane person) reading this would have a hard time accepting the fact that some folk would have preferred a gamble to be taken to save Harambe’s life by sedating him potentially causing him to become an agitated 400lb Gorilla in an enclosure with a little human boy. He could have ripped off that baby’s arm quicker than Kim Kardashian whipping off a false lash. If I’d been spotted dragging any of my kids down the street like ‘harmless Harambe’ was dragging him through the enclosure I’d be seeing my kids via a court order. So let’s just be stable people and keep it real. Harambe was not Father Christmas, he was an animal that with one change of the winds direction could have gone from caring ape to killer ape. Now had that happened can you imagine the uproar from the entire world pointing their fingers at the zoo management for not acting quicker, for not saving that little boy. 

It’s a horrendous tragedy that a beautiful creature had to be killed. But you know what it was TO SAVE A CHILD. child-gorilla-child-gorilla. CHILD every time. 

To the mother who has had to delete her FB account due to abuse, had personal details about her private life splattered across numerous news and media platforms. I stand with you mother to mother. Those signing petitions to have your kids removed from your care are SICK. They eat meat and wear leather shoes but somehow they want you to pay for their beloved Harambe being slain. Do not fear the trolls stay strong and keep raising your kids the only way we all know how. Doing our best one day at a time. 

Ps.. I forgot what room I put my newborn in the other day. Stood in the kitchen like where is she. START THE PETITION WEIRDOS. I’m clearly incompetent. 
V x

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