Bump bash and Birth weekender!

Well this post is kinda late. As the event happened 2 weeks ago! But I had to share it on the blog. I had my baby bump bash on sat 7th May and gave birth to my fourth baby on sun 8th May! To say that weekend was hectic was an understatement! Well below is the account as written on my Facebook page. Enjoy!!!
Well yesterday I got well and truly punk’d! I’ve really had a testing pregnancy with bump #4. Health wise it has been a rough one. On 30th April I had a ‘bump bash’ planned. It was a weekend filled with spa treatments, pampering, night in the hotel with my high school besties and culminating in a lovely meal with my all of closest friends. Well instead I ended up strapped to a monitor listening to my baby’s heartbeat praying for stability on a drip as I was so dehydrated from throwing up staring at the ceiling thinking WHY NOW! But I knew the God I served was always on the job. #nofear

When you are a mum of 3 social events are hard to be a part of so I was really deflated. Thankfully my friends really picked me up. Do you know how powerful a text, what’s app or phone call is from those who carry you in their thoughts and hearts. If you get the urge to reach out to a loved one, please do so. For me some days it’s what carried me. I also remained positive and thankful that God knows best and to just roll with it. As my due date loomed ever closer I saw my mates diaries fill up and my bump bash seemed a distant fantasy. 

Cue, last week another health scare and the possibility of my due date being brought forward. That’s it when I thought me and this baby are going to ‘roll’ when it’s born what’s up with every plan I make getting ruined! #partypooper

Any ways my hubby was like babe I’m taking you out. It’s our last baby and I’ve seen your plans fall apart you’ve done so well throughout this pregnancy let’s just celebrate together and toast our baby- me and you. I agreed. 

As the day drew near I had received news by that point that I would be having our baby sooner and now to be honest I had no zeal to go out. Non what so ever. I just wanted my couch, a throw and to catch up on box sets. Hubby persuaded I moaned and moaned, protested you name it, I didn’t want to go. Hubby won!

While in the taxi G said babe we’re not going to where I told you. We’re going to the venue you booked for your bump bash. I’ve spoken to them and explained what happened with your cancellation and they’ve laid on a private room just for us two! My eyes went big! How sweet, how thoughtful, how romantic! I really should let him take reins more often I was impressed. 

As we entered the venue my feet had already begun to hurt in the heels I wore by force but as I waddled in I began to see familiar faces. I was so confused like huh! Then one by one my girls began to stand up and cheer. I had been PUNK’D!!! Surprise!!! I was speechless. 

To the 6 special ladies that were there and to my other bosom buddies from the original plans that unfortunately could not make it due to sickness and travel. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. You floored me. I’m a control freak and this did mess my head up as I really was non the wiser and overwhelmed. 

Ps.. Hubby posed for pics, got bigged up by the crew and disappeared leaving us to natter, laugh and make memories. He really is my super hero. Love you G and love you girls x

The star of the show arrived 24 hours later. A beautiful baby girl! We are in love. 💗💗💗💗

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