RIP: Black Lives Matter

Watching a documentary ‘Black Power: America’s armed resistance’ (BBC iplayer)I’m hurting, I’m angry, I’m tearing up, I’m frustrated, I’m enraged. To see unarmed black men that look like my husband, brothers, nephews, friends and one day my son being gunned down as though they mean nothing to any one is hard to watch. Even with camera footage many of these murderers (the police) get away with their crimes. 

My heart goes out to the mothers, children, partners and friends of all of these murdered black men. Eric Garner, Mario Woods, Walter Scott, Tamir Rice to name a few. 

This may be the U.S but it is still our world. It affects all of us. It SHOULD offend and disturb ALL OF US regardless of race, religious beliefs or gender. If it doesn’t then there is something wrong with our hearts. 

Black men I love you, you are our fathers, brothers and sons. You are our covering. I pray Gods protection over you. You made it through the slave trade, the civil rights movement, the Apartheid and still you are having to fight. Your colour is beautiful, powerful and a gift and should not make you a walking target to those that fear it. 

Please young black men who through gangs kill each other at a rate too depressing to take in. WAKE UP! Do not let the work and lives of Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela be in vain. They alongside countless others did it for you. 

RIP every fallen soldier. You live in the hearts of those who knew you. You live in the consciousness of those who demonstrate and march on your behalf and you will live in the hearts and minds of our sons and daughters who we will tell your story to. You will not be forgotten like yesterday’s news. You will always be relevant. Your lives will always matter.

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