Actually YOU Can!

When you start to lose faith in your abilities and shy away from the challenge. Take a moment to remind yourself of all your last accomplishments. You will be surprised at the mountains you have already climbed and the victories already won. It’s easy to forget and sell yourself short. 

It was you who walked away from that volatile relationship.

It was you who aced that job interview and got a call back before you’d even got home.

It was you who put yourself through university. 

It was you who raised those kids single handedly. 

It was you who turned that idea into a fully operating business. 

It was you who dared to be different from your family and friends and follow your dreams even when they couldn’t understand. 

I encourage you to look back sometimes and give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve done it once believe me when I say you can certainly do it again. 

V 😘

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