I’m pregnant again…WHAAT! I mean congratulations! 

It was quite funny when I began to tell people I was pregnant again. 

When I told my mum her first words were “I’m running away”! Did it annoy me? Yes. Had she said it before? Yes! mum thinks she’s a comedian by the way so I wasn’t offended, I laughed because as much as she tries to play the “Lord have mercy card”, she is like a mother hen eagerly awaiting her umpteenth granbaby. 👵🏾🏇

Telling the school mums over evening drinks, one called me a crazy lady! That cap fit even over my Afro, so I’ve been wearing it ever since. 😛🍸🍷

My best mate, screaming and then tears. Yep that’s her usual response. We have 2 girls and a boy each already so she is now constantly being asked if she’s going again! No! She says defiantly as Mrs O has her groove back and is not giving up her louboutins anytime soon. 😭👠

One response from someone who’ll remain anonymous was. “Was it planned”? now call me old fashioned but that is not a question I’d ask anyone but the above mentioned Mrs O as she’s been my bestie since 12yrs old and bar God there is no one that has tracked every move I’ve made since 1991. ⁉️😐

I mean all of my kids have been the best surprises EVER. Godfrey must have seen into the future because from the get go even after I told him on one of our first dates that I couldn’t have kids said confidently, I want 4 kids with you. Erm I know you have extremely small ears G but didn’t you just hear what I said? I’m infertile, barren, unable to conceive, there’s no chance mate! 🚫I was certainly wrong!

My hubby is 1 of 4 and I am 1 of 6 with even more siblings via my dad. So we had to go big! It’s what we know. In my opinion though no child can be an accident, I mean what did you think would happen when you had unprotected sex? I prefer the term ‘happy surprise’ as you never know when conception will take place especially when like me you’ve had reproductive health issues. 👨🏿+👩🏽+❤️=👶🏾👶🏾👶🏾👶🏾👶🏾👶🏾👶🏾👶🏾👶🏾👶🏾 Doesn’t it?

One of my hubby’s business associates gave me the biggest laugh of all and said goodness mate! Can’t you get her some box sets or something!!! 📺📽#hilarious!

It seems these days any number above 2 kids is met with some sort of opinion that indicates one of two things. You are brave or absolutely bonkers! Me and my hubby are BOTH, throw in FAITH in God and a slightly hippy earth mother that is me and you get babies. 🌍

I’m good with my 4 heartbeats, sleep interrupters, grey hair makers, joy givers but I’ve learned to never say never as I’ve eaten my words before so 4 maybe final. But hey…God has the final say!!..right!
Ps… I’ve been pregnant or recently delivered a baby for the last 3 summer Olympics ’08, ’12, ’16. So we may just call this one Brazil in honour of our pattern. I did actually consider Olympia for my last daughter but I blame the hormones for that one and the constant blubbering I did every time a national anthem was played! Jude joined us just in time for the World Cup in 2014 and arrived on the actual day Arsenal won the FA cup so maybe a future England star?…Every fathers soppy dream! 🏆⚽️
As always, V….😘

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