Fourth & Final

I just can’t wait to meet you

The truth is this body is struggling to handle us two

Although it was made for carrying 

Can’t lie you’ve certainly done mummy in

The most difficult pregnancy by far

After a long day waddling I desire something from a cocktail bar

The fourth and final adventure for me

160 weeks carrying you all has made me see

The handy work of God in creating perfection

The force of my love and my daily devotion

I’ll birth you in pain but I’ll raise you with joy 

I’ll parade you with pride no reason to be coy 

You see I never knew you’d all be in my care

But God in His mercy placed you here

I promise to love you, nurture you, cherish and protect

Not even the most tedious things will I neglect 

Just hurry and come so I can wear more than black leggings 

Your mummy likes to think she’s stylish and this look is just a bit repetitive 

I’ll just warn you there are a few siblings absolutely dying to meet you 

Yep they’re the ones that have been prodding you, climbing on you and screaming at you 

I know they have no sense of personal space 

Just wait till you’ve got them all up in your face

No don’t be scared they’re harmless really 

and bar mum and dad no love more fierce will you receive, believe me

So yep hurry up and come we are all waiting 

You are the final player in our loving, super sized, crazy Torto family team. 

Mummy X

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