Why don’t you like them?

To some you will be like a scotch bonnet pepper being rubbed into an open wound. To others you will feel as refreshing as a cold glass of fresh lemonade during a heatwave. For some your presence will be likened to acid reflux.To others your voice alone will bring them to a place of peace and serenity. 

The reality is that you can’t be everything to everyone and that is okay. You can’t predict your effect on people when you are simply being you without any agenda. You know the feelings of us human beings change like the direction of the wind, so trying to be a ‘fit’ for each individual will certainly leave your head spinning and your mental state fragile and vulnerable. 

Whether you’re liked, validated, appreciated or included. Or whether you are ignored, undervalued, excluded or mocked. You are you for a reason and your being which was hand crafted by God will resonate with many people. Your unique presence will conjure their smiles and your personality will evoke the best out of them. 

In high school my now closest friends were once the ones looking at me across the class thinking OMG this girl is such a geek. I was not in the cool gang at all. My hair was wrong, I wore glasses and was more interested in words than boys. It was out of sympathy a welcome hand into the club was extended to me. Forward 20+ years of friendship and they still laugh at my red specs of 1991 but had they based their opinion of me on what their feelings perceived when they looked at me back then. These friendships that have withstood time and trial would have been kept from us all. What a loss I dare not fathom. 

 24 yrs of friendship  

So to those of you who switch off from and snub others because you think they are not your cup of tea for no valid reason. Reconsider your position. Do they have an issue that you can’t bare to feature in your life or is it that you have the problem?

Maybe they are…

Too comfortable in their own skin for you?

Too successful?

Too happy?

Too confident?

Bringing them down by either snubbing them or openly criticising them is actually a dark stain on your character and one that should be addressed rapidly before you become a victim of your own poison. 

So to round up. 
1.Don’t try and be one size fits all. You will fail and feel inadequate. 
2.Don’t hate on people for no reason, it’s ugly and a poor reflection of you. 
Love is the only character trait that needs no translation. Make it your default setting today and see what you get back. 
As always…V 😘

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