You’re healed! Didn’t you realise?!

Have u noticed lately you’re healed from something that once held you captive. It may even be someone else who brings it to your attention. It’s not that you haven’t realised, it’s just that life keeps moving and the new you is kinda fly and you forget to say hey God… Thanks for that!

As my hubby pointed out recently- he reminded me of how I used to get really bad anxiety that without alcohol I didn’t feel I could mask. By numbing myself I thought I could project an air of confidence that would allow me to be me. What a lie from the enemy. ‘Me’ was always there, the alcohol was actually silencing who I really was and causing me to behave artificially. 😕  

In my younger days I couldn’t even dream of getting on a stage to perform at gigs or auditions without a glass or two. I would literally tremble with anxiety and fear. I remember being on stage at a club in Trafalgar Square belting out a medley of tracks one being Britney Spears “Toxic”… 😱 How I pulled it off I’ll never know. A nervous wreck and full of white wine. The anxiety had me in chains.  


Now being someone who has accepted Jesus as my saviour, friend and guide, I can drink alcohol socially with friends or with hubby in the evenings when the kiddies have let us have our living room back and the truth is now I don’t NEED it or DEPEND on it! I can stand, talk, socialise and sing anywhere now because my confidence is from within me and not from within a bottle of Blossom Hill. Or can I add via anyone’s validation! But you know that’s another blog post 😉

Take a step back now and then and marvel at what God has done in your life. Big or small it was by His healing power and His love for you that you are now looking at what once consumed you in the rear view mirror. 

So I’m saying thank you Jesus for you and for me. For what’s been done in our lives and for what’s still to come. 🙏🏾
Trust Him. He’ll do it. 
As always, V…😘

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