Mum the hairdresser!

After years of having to bug my sisters to do the kiddies braids or pay talented hairdressers I’m pleased to announce after watching a few YouTube vids I was able to do my girls extensions MYSELF 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾whoop!!! 
With soon to be 4 kids to care for I needed to get self sufficient with my braiding/extensions game. When hubby is working it’s not about 4 kids in someone’s living room or salon for 5+ hours. 😩
So yes nothing ventured nothing gained. Hair did! Happy mum! Happy girls! Sorted for a few weeks which means getting out the house quicker and knowing when baby makes an appearance I will not have to be thinking of doing HAIR!

 Hair details;

Brand: Glance Braid/Brazilian curl 20″ (cut in half)

Colour 1b for Eden-Rose

Colour 4 for Freja-Pearl


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