Don’t Stop 

Are you mad? Wait a minute. 
You stopped because she said ………….!

You changed because he said…………!

You gave up because they said………!
SHE,HE and THEY. Who are these people?
Were they there when you couldn’t pay your rent/mortgage…again?
Was she there when you weren’t sure how you were gonna get through the week with your overdraft maxed out?
Wasn’t he the one that put you in debt in the first place?!
Girl please. You got me started now!
I’m telling you keep going for that dream, you can see it right? I know it’s making you smile. You are so beautiful when you smile. Sure, it seems so far from where you are today but trust me you will make it. Listen to the God in you. Shut out the noise of those with invalid fear filled opinions. 
You know they’re just afraid you gonna leave ’em. You know they are just too used to seeing you this way. They like the victim look on you. It makes them feel powerful. 
Girl, it is time. Time for you. Time for change. God holds the balance of our days and time is waiting on no one. 
Keep moving, no looking back. Tunnel vision. Girl you got this. 
I love you. I believe in you. 
As always, V…😘

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