Spring! ✨

Last week my family and I took a walk together just to enjoy the beginnings of Spring and take in our surroundings that you can take for granted when you’re stuck in a car running from A to B! 

It was so lovely to see the ducks and the daffodils and breathe in some much needed fresh air. 

As a mum there are many things that cause you to smile and seeing your kids play in the outdoors, no confines of space or walls always makes me smile.   

That’s why I love the spring and most certainly the summer it brings about a freedom and life gets a little simpler. Living in a seasonal country like the UK the winter months can hold you captive and entertaining the kids can become expensive, with malls, movies and play centres  but as the first daffodils begin to bloom you start to feel winters grip loosen and the best things in life start to show that they are in fact free!

  Long walks, beach trips and days at the park cost nothing in comparisonbut leave memories far more beautiful than the Disney store receipt you still cringe at long after the toy has been lost. 

  So miss Spring and miss Summer we welcome you with open arms and look forward to the memories we will make as God commands your sun to shine and your gentle refreshing breeze to flow. 
 As always, V…😘


  1. Spring would normally make me happy cause by then, my body would have been half-way there to being a bikini-bod…….not this year however! I’m still at least 14lbs from my Spring goal!

    I’m glad though that the weather is starting to change a bit. I say a bit because in Scotland we basically acknowledge just one season which is Winter! We have it all year round!!!

    But we welcome Spring! We welcome a new season of life! May our lives change with it for brighter and better days! 🙂


    • Amen to that! Thanks for your comment. I’ve never been up to Scotland but I always wanted to visit I have a relative in Edinburgh so I guess I better wrap up whenever I decide to visit! Thanks for the heads up! 😊


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