Own you – Love you 

You do know you’re awesome right? A one off piece of pure perfection. Your finger print is unique… Your voice is unique…your handwriting is unique…the way you walk is unique. You get my point!
Every day we ‘log on’ or open a magazine were told brown is the new black, block heels are the new stiletto or curvy is the new thin… Seriously??? How about fierce is the new ME!
Don’t let trends dictate whether you’re in or out and definitely do not allow another human being to make you doubt your self worth.
An ex of mine once told me that he wished I had the same figure as his former girlfriend (yes he is still alive!) And no, I wasn’t the same person back then, I was vulnerable and his comments really affected me. I became self conscious and began to dislike what I saw in the mirror.
There are many of you like I once was and are so affected by other people’s opinions of you. If you really took the time to value yourself and take in your beauty you would be a force to be reckoned with! What can they say when they see you head held high, back straight confidently doing YOU perfectly. Sneakers or heels, make up or natural, student, mother or career girl. OWN IT, OWN YOU, LOVE YOU ❤️


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